About Ingrid

Founded in 2009, Ingrid brings 20 years experience to her Brisbane based Interior Design studio. She is motivated by the opportunities that lie within creating defined interior places. Each new environment will then purposefully give the occupant space to regenerate and shift identity.

Deployed well, Interior Design provides a double dividend – a return on imagination and a return on investment. For a business, this can lead to iconic, strategic outcomes that facilitate performance and for a family, the creation of a home that is a wonderful place to share, engage with and grow within.

Ingrid focuses on exploring the functional requirements of the brief, moulding the form, materiality and texture to give vitality to the interior. Ingrid engages in open communication with her clients, a dialogue to develop three dimensional places that concurrently respect budget and time constraints. With a Bachelor of Built Environment: Interior Design (Distinction), QUT and a Bachelor of Commerce, UQ, she has the background to successfully provide both interior design and project management services.

Blending a studio focus with the flexibility to travel and merge with other teams has allowed her to engage in a broad range of project types and scales including Residential, Hospitality, Corporate and Boutique Medical projects. She has worked both independently, collaboratively with small and multi-disciplinary teams and as an in house Interior Design Consultant.

Ingrid Strasser